Pick up the phone and dial 770-358-2221. Then we can
get to work on your progress report. A little cooperation
is all I ask.
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Kevin Jones,
Friday has
come and
gone many
times in the
last few years.
I am still
waiting to hear
from you.
Promises only
go so far. Are
you hitting
those clubs
good these
Kevin, I have to
admit that you
were slick. Three
checks in three
consecutive days.
Christopher, You
won't answer your
mail or return my
calls. Work with
me just a little bit.
Brandon, are you
in trouble on check
#104? Get a grip
pal.  I left a
message with your
mama to check
this web site and
keep up with the
progress of your
Brandon King, for
$64.00 we can clear
this thing up. Did you
get my letter this
week? Come on   
now,  we can get this
thing cleared up
and   make your
mama happy. Is she
claiming you as her
son these days?         
Athonia, Girl, all I
can say is that you
must be asleep.
Come on and get
this progress
report up to date.
MMs. Donna, let's get
back in the game.
The bank told me not
to cross their
doorstep again if all I
had was your check.
Can you help me
with this?
Kevin, I was
hoping that your
daddy Leroy
could talk some
sense into you.
Maybe you are
just not listening.
Anyway,  this
front counter
display is just for
you. This is a
monster check!
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Kevin Jones
claimed to be
my friend and
burned me for
Joshua, after
talking with you
last week, I
thought you were
sincere with your
intentions. Don't
let me down.
The Bad Check Page
Ms. Donna, are
you still in
Georgia, Even
the bank can't
reach you.
Donna Jones!
Danger! Do not
redeposit. Possibility
of global meltdown.
Seek shelter
immediately. Go
below ground and
hold head between
Kevin, yo cell
phone # has been
given to someone
else and I woke
them up this
morning. Are you
really moving to
Brunswick, Ga.
Athonia, if you are
a postal worker,
please send your
money, don't
bring it. Thanks