Pay Attention
The Story Continues
# 8  The only redneck
roadhole in Georgia.
Send your tee shot over
the end of the shed or
play a shorter club a little
left. You can get in the
water from the tee box.
This is the approach
shot from the fairway
to the green. Watch for
the bunker in front of
the green.
#9, This hole is a dogleg
right to a good size
green. The area right of
the big oak is out of
bounds. Let's keep the
carts away from the out
of bounds area. This is a
flat tire area.
Your approach shot
will usually be 90 to
140 yards out. This is
the green you see
when you turn in the
# 10 You definitely need
a good tee shot to see
the green, so get to the
top of the hill. From the
Blue tees, this hole is no
toy. 471 yards Par 4
From the top it's
downhill all the way.
The best shot is
short and roll on
# 11, This hole has a sharp
dogleg right. You can drive
the green, but it's risky. We
actually had a hole in one
on this hole. Just take a
seven iron and lay up to the
water. Set yourself up to
have an easy 2nd shot.
Your approach shot can be
anything from 90 to 160
yards. Always play the
right side of the green.
This green always has
some interesting putts
because of the noticeable
slope to the left.
# 12. This is a par 5 with a
dogleg left. You can't see the
landing area. You can see the
mounds around the fairway
bunker. Just hit over the
bunker or to the right of it.
# 13. It's a par 3 that will eat
your lunch if you are not
careful. The green is wider,
left to right than it is from
front to back. This shot is
from the fairway.
# 14 A good lengthy par 4.
Stay a little right on the
fairway so the trees on the
left won't be  in your way.
Now all you have is an  
uphill shot to the green.
Don't make any casual bets
from this location.
# 15 is a simple par 3. Just hit
the ball on the green and two
putt. The green is relatively flat,
but the break is so subtle that it
will take you by surprise.
525, Morgan Dairy Rd.
Griffin Ga.   30224
These are  photos of some friends
of mine. At the green,  I overheard
The ditch across the
fairway is a natural drainage
ditch. If you can hit your
ball out, do so. If you can't,
take a drop backwards in
line with the tee box and a
# 16. Par 5. Simple straight
shot over the hill and down
to the green.  A good hole
for the longest drive in
This shot is from the tee
box. Only half of the green
is visible from this spot.
A look at # 16 green